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Finding new customers is always a challenge.  If you identify a problem your potential customer is trying to solve, and give them a solution, you will get new customers.  Find a customer problem and solve it.  This week we are joined by Bill Bachant of the Gun Orphanage.  In today’s world, guns in the wrong hands, is a hot topic.  There are many situations, like when a loved one dies, where you may end up with weapons in your home that you don’t want and don’t know what to do with.

Bill created the Gun Orphanage to solve that problem.  He will come to your home, take the weapons away for you, make sure they are disposed of properly, and you get paid to have him do it.

Bill also shares some of the unique historical treasures he has found during cleanouts he has done in the past.

If you have guns and weapons you want out of your home, give Bill a call.  He can be reached at   or by calling him at  508-295-8443.

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