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This week join me as I interview Marlissa Briggett of South Coast Alamanc and hear about owning your own business.  Marlissa started this regional lifestyle magazine three years ago out of her passion for writing.  A good friend in the publishing industry told her it was a bad idea.  The industry was dying.  People didn’t read anymore.  Marlissa refused to give up.

She started with an annual magazine and tested the market.  This was particularly challenging because she was selling an idea.  There was no actual product that existed that she could show potential customers.  She persisted.  People embraced the idea and things began to sell.   Her second year was also a successful annual, this year will be semi-annual and next year she plans to move to quarterly editions.

Marlissa has two pieces of advice when owning your own business.  One, be persistent.  Get up everyday and do your job. Second, find people to help you do the things you aren’t good at.  Marlissa’s entire team is made up of contractors.  She know nothing about magazine distribution so she found an expert to help her.  Numbers and finance are not her strengths, so she found someone to handle that for her.  She also spends lots of time in the car where she has the opportunity to listen to experts like Seth Godin.

Owning your own business is always a challenge.  Here at Real Small Businesses we are with you on your journey.  Thank you for joining us!

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