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This week’s show features Kendellynn Cavanaugh Gagne of Balanced Physical Therapy and Myofascial Release and talks about how business networking powers growth.

After years working in clinics as a physical therapist, Kendellynn started to explore the techniques of Myofacial release.  This is a form of physical therapy where the therapist works on patients in a very hands on way.  Typical physical therapy focuses on the part of the body that has an issue with self paced exercises.  This form of therapy includes work on all parts of the body.  A session is one on one and  lasts 60-90 minutes.

Kendellynn tells us about myofascial tissue, which is the tissue that connects the muscles, nerves and bones together.   Recently, myofascial tissue has been classified as an organ, and is actually the largest organ in the body.

After a personal injury and becoming a patient herself, Kendellynn became convinced that these techniques were far superior to what she experienced in traditional clinics.  She decided to go out on her own and started her own business, Balanced Physical Therapy and Myofascial release.

Letting go of the steady paycheck

Her biggest challenge was letting go of the steady paycheck and riding the wave of uncertainty in getting paid.  However, within a matter of month, word was out of the effectiveness of her treatment and she was fully booked with a cancelation list.  Today she is exploring expansion and faces the same challenge of cash flow again.

Having the right network will build your business faster

Kendellynn’s advice to small business owners is to build a business network with other businesses that offer related services.  Her success in business networking has led to numerous referrals and has been what has allowed her to grow quickly in the early days.   Find people you trust and share their services with your clients.  Business networking powers growth!

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