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Meet Lynn Laporte, a Beautycounter Consultant.  Lynn faces the challenge of getting outside her comfort zone.

Lynn is an esthetician and been involved with skincare consulting for over 20 years. With sensitive skin herself, she had long been searching for products that would care for her skin in the gentlest and most effective ways.

Then a friend introduced her to Beautycounter. Beautycounter was started by CEO Gregg Renfrew who built a product line of products that were safe for not only skin but for our environment. They offer skin care and makeup products. With five years under her belt, Renfrew has now not only built an amazing business, but has gained national attention. She has been on The Today Show, interviewed by Maria Shriver and asked to testify in front of congress on the need for safe environmental products in the beauty industry.

Lynn shares her knowledge and products through small group events, one on one meetings and community classes.

Lynn’s personal challenge has been to learn how to get out of her comfort zone. Becoming a Beautycounter consultant meant learning to find ways to find new clients. It meant having to be uncomfortable doing new things, like participating in our video series. Her advice to other small business owners is to consistently do one new thing. It doesn’t have to be big but keep doing one more thing to move in the direction you need for success. She also encourages you to believe in yourself and surround yourself with supportive people.

If you are interested in learning about the Beautycounter products or becoming a Beautycounter consultant, Lynn can be found at

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